Goals for VMworld 2014

VMworld 2014 will be my second time at VMworld and because the conference goes by so fast, it’s important to make a list of goals to achieve and work to stick to it. You don’t want to look back on your time at VMworld and say, “I wish…”

My first VMworld was in 2011 and was an amazing experience. I had been using Twitter and been involved with the community for about 2 years and meeting many people I followed and became friends with was a great experience. I had also been a VMUG leader for 2 years and enjoyed the opportunity to meet and mingle with other VMUG leaders.

VMworld 2012 would have also been another first for me as I was honored as a vExpert 2012 and was really looking forward to participating in the vExpert party. However, a category 3 hurricane was bearing down on New Orleans and I didn’t want to leave my family. I hope to join the current ranks of vExpert for Q3 2014 and participate next year.

Now that I’m at PernixData, my time at the conference will be spent completely differently than my first time. As a vendor, you don’t typically get to attend sessions. A fair amount of my time will be spent at the PernixData booth (#1017) demonstrating FVP. So the role as a vendor is going to be a completely different but still exciting. PernixData has built an incredible product and is already changing how datacenter are designed. Not many startups can say that after selling for 1 year. I’m surrounded by such an incredibly talented team and looking forward to spending time with them this week.

So what do my goals for VMworld 2014 look like?
Evangelize PernixData FVP. My primary reason for being at VMworld is to share PernixData FVP with the world so without a doubt, that’s goal #1. PernixData is an incredible product that I really love so it’s very easy and fun. I’ll be at the PernixData booth during the week so stop by and say hi.
Network with VMUG leaders. VMUG has grown tremendously since 2011 and I’m looking forward to meeting new leaders and continuing to learn how to improve the New Orleans VMUG.
Attend vBrownBag sessions. Without the ability to attend vmworld sessions, I’m looking for some avenue to learn while surrounded by so many smart and talented people. The vBrownBag crew has lined up some great speakers for the week and is sure to be a place I spent a lot of personal time. I’ve also recently co-hosted a couple of weekly sessions so it will be great to meet everyone in person.
Network with the VMware community. PernixPros, PernixPrimes, other vExperts, and everyone else in between: I want to meet you. Everyone has a story to tell so I look forward to growing personal and professional relationships.
Blog. I’ve been wanting to do this for years and never set the time aside to do it. With so many new announcements from VMware and partners, it’s the perfect opportunity to kick things off.
Time will fly so make a list of your goals and stick to them!

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